About us

Makhzan offers clients high specifications storage warehouses.
In addition, a part of the project space is allocated for build-to-suit.


Cold Storage Warehouses



Cold Storage Warehouses

Carefully  selected refrigeration systems to ensure maintaining required storage temperatures

with maximum energy cost reduction

Warehouses equipped with advanced modern racking system to maximize utilization of space and efficient logistics operation.

High specifications insulation system, maximizing thermal insulation, therefore achieving optimal storage conditions and energy cost saving

Dock levelers and shelters to preserve storage environment and  minimize  required  time for loading and offloading operations.

Offices and services area

The Warehouses

Raised floors and equipped with dock levelers to minimize required time for loading/ offloading operations and increase level of hygiene.

Fire alarm system, smoke detectors, sprinklers.

Pre-engineered building with wide span and a clear height starting from 9 meter.

Insulated walls and roof to required time for loading/ offloading operations and increase level of hygiene. Achieve optimal storage environment

Roof mounted ventilation fans to maintain proper air quality.

High specifications floors with high load capacity.

Optional Racking systems provision.

Offices and services area.

Skylights to minimize daytime lighting cost.

Optional Air conditioning provision.


In Build-To-Suit we provide client a customized development service, to develop a facility that meets client’s unique requirement