Our services

Ready to lease Warehouses

Fully equipped warehouses are ready to lease.

Build-to-suit Warehouses

We can build a warehouse with your specifications and lease it to you.

Cold Storage Warehouses

Our cold storage warehouses are available for lease
  • Temperature control

    Refrigeration systems maintain optimum temperatures required for storage with a maximum energy cost reduction.

  • Energy efficient

    A high specification insulation system maximizes the thermal insulation and achieves optimal storage conditions at lower energy costs.

  • Optimal use of space

    Advanced modern racking system that maximizes the utilization of space.

  • Optimal loading and offloading

    Dock leveler and shelters preserve the storage environment and minimize the duration required for loading and offloading operations.

  • Work space

    Convenient office and services area.

Dry Storage Warehouses

Our dry storage warehouses are built on the highest standards and are ready to lease.
  • Tall and wide

    Pre-engineered building with wide span and a clear height starting from 9 meters.

  • Optimized loading and offloading

    Raised Floors and dock levelers minimize required time for loading and offloading and increase the level of hygiene.

  • Resistant floors

    High specifications floors with high load capacity.

  • Fire protection

    Complete fire alarm system with smoke detectors and sprinklers.

  • Energy efficient

    Insulated walls and roof help achieve an optimal storage environment with minimum energy consumption.

  • Cost-efficient Lighting

    Skylights that minimize daytime lighting cost.

  • Ventilation

    Roof mounted ventilation fans to maintain proper air quality.

  • Racking system

    Is optional. Provided upon request.

  • Air Conditioning

    Is optional. provided upon request.

Build-to-Suit Warehouses

Build-to-Suit Warehouses

We can develop your storage warehouse based on your detailed specifications and material requirements. We can either fund the development and lease it to you, or manage the development.
  • Predictable cost

    Minimize your exposure to the real estate market cycles.

  • 100% on your specifications

    The warehouses and facilities are designed and built based on your unique technical and business requirements.

  • Reduced Risk

    Reduce development and construction risks.

  • Optimized use of capital

    Minimize capital expenditure.

  • Clear cash flow

    Clear long-term cash flow.